Marathon & District Historical Society and Museum

Town of Marathon


 Angler 101 Camp X circa 1941



  The one below was retouched.

 Angler retouched

  Above the gate the sign reads, Veterans Guards of Canada





 Main Gate Camp 101 Angler

         Parade ground

                                                                                                                        Japanese-Canadians at Angler Hostel  formerly Camp 101

Aerial Angler


Angler 1  Angler4

                                Guards  Walkway                                                             Angler POW Camp 101 buildings in foreground part of highway construction camp 12

12bw Angler 7  Angler 8

        Hut where 4 prisoners were shot                                                                                                     Two views of the EscapeTunnel

                      Angler 9


                                                                                        Prisoner made canoes they were going to use to cross Lake Superior